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Retail Pharmacy for Prescibers

Sonoran Drugs Retail Pharmacy for Prescibers

Tired of pharmacies faxing about "Needing a Prior Auth" or "Drug Not Covered?"

You don't have to worry about us bothering you and your staff about that and wasting your time.  We are a cash only pharmacy, and by being so we can set our own low prescription prices on many generic medications that aren't covered by insurances.  (Medications for Erectile Dysfunction, Weight Loss, Anti-Aging/Dermatological Products, etc)

Increase Drug Adherence

Your patient has certain chronic conditions and you worry about them skipping "a few days" because they can't get down to the pharmacy or they are trying to save money on a tight budget.  We know good drug adherence keeps your patients out of the hospital and prevents severe disease progression.  We can fill 6 months or even 1 years worth of their maintenance medication thus increasing adherance and reducing trips to the pharmacy.

Exceptional Customer Service

The big retail pharmacies are stretched too thin, and the staffing shortage is making a real negative impact on customer service, answering the phones, and getting your patients the medications they need to stay healthy.  Being an independent pharmacy allows us to take time to ensure your staff can communicate quickly and efficiently in prioritizing the health of your patients.


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