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Frequently Asked Questions


At Sonoran Drugs Pharmacy, our mission is to bring transparent and fair pricing to the consumers. We cut out the middlemen, PBMs (Pharmacy Benefit Managers), insurance companies, and the big box retail pharmacy chains that drive your prescription prices higher each year. We offer 2 different pricing structures that patients can choose what is best for their unique situation when it comes to fulfilling their prescription needs.

We offer 2 unique solutions to keep prescription costs down for the consumer, all while showing you our true cost to purchase the medication. All members who purchase the membership option always only pay the true wholesale costs of the medication which is exactly the price we paid. Along with free shipments up to the alotment of the membership chosen (see membership for details). Here we only make money on the membership, not marking up prescriptions. Cost-plus (non membership) customers pay the wholesale drug cost with added markups to cover our buisness costs and keep our doors open to you. (See our membership page for the pricing formula for this model). With this model if you elect for shipping directly to you, each shipment is an additional $5 to cover shipping costs.

How is getting my retail prescriptions at Sonoran Drugs Pharmacy different than where I currently fill them?
What is the difference between the "membership" versus the "cost-plus" non-membership model?
How do I know which option is best for me or my families prescription needs?

Every individual or family may have different needs where one option gives the greatest benefit to prescription accessibility and affordability. We have a drug pricing tool (available in the menu bar at the top) where you can select the medication, strength, and quantity and it will display our membership cost versus the cost-plus (non-membership) cost so you can see the transparent pricing and make the best decision for you and your family.

Do you take my prescription insurance?

At this point in time we do not bill prescription insurance. We do not have the ability to bill any prescription insurance, and for most people with co-pays, we likely will have better pricing anyways. We do not recommend that you get rid of your prescription insurance because you may need to use it in the future on an expensive medication. While insurance is a good safety net to have in case of hardship, they also the reason that makes our industry difficult for consumers to navigate and make it even harder for the independent pharmacies to compete with the big retail giants.

Does the membership lock me into a contract?

No it does not lock you into any contract. However the membership is billed on day 1 of the start of the service and is non-refundable once the membership time period has begun. It will be setup for automatic billing, unless the consumer contacts us at least 72 hours prior to the next billing cycle.

What is the return policy?

We cannot accept any medication returns once they leave the pharmacy by law. Check with your local pharmacy if they have free medication disposal, or with your local municipalities for any prescription drug take back days coming up.

Do you carry all of my medications?

We can dispense most generic medications and some branded medications. There are exceptions to expensive branded and specialty medications that we would not carry. Our drug pricing tool page has a wide variety list but it does not encompass everything that we carry. Please contact us to inquiry about a medication that may not be on that page and we can continue to grow that list or verify if we can get that medication for you.

Can my pet be on the membership option?

YES! Your pet can enjoy all of the cost saving features of our membership. However keep in mind we only carry human medications that have veterinary applications as well. We do not carry "vet" specific medications that only veterinary pharmacies can acquire. If you are unsure about a medication, contact us and we will gladly let you know if it is something we carry.

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