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Pet Medications

From commercial medications you get at a retail or mail pharmacy, to compounding a dosage form specific to your pets needs, Sonoran Drugs is the place to get all your pets medications, where we don't take advantage of pets and pet owners because they don't have insurance.

Our veterinary prescription pricing versus other pharmacies

Big Retail Pharmacies KNOW Which Medications to Charge More $$ for Pets

There are 100's of human medications that our beloved pets can also safely take.  Unfortunately the retail pharmacies know which medications to increase their cash price on because of this.  Sonoran Drugs doesn't inflate the costs of these medications simply because we can make a few more dollars when a pet fills that medication since pets don't have prescription insurance.

1 Month Supply to 1 Year Supply Available

Your pet is on the same medication for a chronic medical condition, why not get the full amount of your prescription and the refills if your veterinarian allows to save $$ and trips to the pharmacy.

Fast Shipping/Delivery When Applicable

Save time and money and let us send the medication right to your door.  Depending on the medication and your location we can easily ship or deliver your pets medications for your convenience.

Flavored Compounded Medications for Easier Administration for Pet Owners

We can compound oral suspensions, capsules, topical gels/creams for easier drug administration.  Oral products are flavored specifically to the species preferred taste such as chicken, beef, peanut butter for dogs, tuna and butterscotch for cats, to even orange, banana, and other fruity flavors for the birds.

What veterinary medical conditions can you compound medication for?

All sorts of behavioral issues such as aggression, urinary incontinence, anxiety, cardiovascular problems, seizures, skin infections/diseases, antibiotics for infections, pain/arthritis, and more!

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