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BLT Compound Dental Compound Medication

Custom Medications For:
-Angular Cheilitis/Angular 
-Anti-Gag Reflex
-Burning Mouth Syndrome (BMS)
-Dry Mouth
-Dry Sockets
-Oral Herpes
-Mouth Ulcers
-Oral Lichen Planus
-Periodontal Treatment

Compounding For Dentistry

At our Compound Pharmacy, we offer specialized Compound Medications for Dentistry to help patients combat oral pain and other common issues. We offer a variety of dosage forms, such as oral gels, paste, lip balms, oral rinses and more, to meet the individual needs of our patients. Our Compound Medications are customized for optimal efficacy and patient satisfaction.

List of Dental Compound Prescriptions
Magic Mouthwash Quick Order Form for Prescribers
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